Matt Jones - Artist / Designer
About Us
Seattle Art Staging is a division of Gasworks Gallery. Gasworks Gallery is a 12,000 sq. ft. artist work space founded by Seattle artist and hunger awareness activist, Matt Jones.

Matt has lived an amazing life. Between the experience of launching a handful of successful ventures, Matt has taken the time to navigate the globe in search of adventure. Traveling to the most remote regions in the world, throughout over 70 countries, one can only imagine how the experience has shaped his views, as an artist. As a contemporary abstract painter, Matt’s work is vibrant, expressive and huge!

In addition to rescuing men from sharks, traversing the Amazon Basin and driving zodiacs through the center of icebergs the size of downtown Seattle, Matt has lived life as an entertainer, writer, photographer, humanitarian, adventurer, entrepreneur & executive. Although viewed as somewhat of a Renaissance Man, Matt's greatest love is painting!

As the founder of, Matt has a driven desire to help feed the world and has donated well over a million pounds of potatoes to benefit Northwest Harvest.

Featured on Evening Magazine, NWCN, King 5 and Kong 6 News, The Seattle Channel, Q13, Conscious Talk and KOMO Radio and in Seattle Metropolitan Magazine, Seattle PI, Chicago Tribune, Seattle Weekly, Baltimore Sun and much more. Matt and are noted for their tremendous contributions to Seattle’s food shelters. As Matt puts it, “Mashed potatoes are the king of comfort food. The top of the food chain of cool.”
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